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living in Sommerset West  Elmonica South hillsboro oregon

Living in Sommerset West – Elmonica South in Hillsboro Oregon

Sommerset West – Elmonika South is a great place to call home if you are looking for a new home near Hillsboro, Oregon. There are many amenities to choose from and the location is ideal for those who have children. There are several daycare centers nearby, including the WeVillage Drop-in Playcare and Primrose School in Silicon Forest. The convenience of being near the emergency room is another benefit for residents.

The median home price in Sommerset East – Elmonica North is $565,619. This area has a few neighborhoods that are more desirable than others due to their quality of life, crime rate and median home value. However, homes in this area tend to be much more expensive than other areas in Hillsboro. The median house price in this neighborhood is approximately the same as the US average at $376,286.

The homes in this area are comparable to Bethany in terms of affordability. Homes in the east and west regions are more expensive. The median house price in Sommerset West – Elmonica North, Hillsboro, OR is $565,619. This is comparable to the average home price in other parts of Hillsboro. The median home value in this neighborhood is $476,286.

Sommerset West-Elmonica South, OR offers many options for those looking to purchase a new home. The community is close to major employers like Intel, and has a variety of restaurants and grocery stores. This area is great for raising a family. It is close to many amenities, which will be a plus if you are looking for a home in this area.

In this neighborhood, residents can purchase a new home for as little as $630,000. The median price of homes in this neighborhood is close to that of Bethany, with the median house price at $565,619 in this area. This is higher than the average for other neighborhoods in Hillsboro, OR, but it is still within the same range as Bethany. The quality of life in this community is largely determined by the home’s location.

The median home price is $630,000 in this area. The area is hot, but the prices are similar. You will have easy access to all the amenities in the area, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. There are many three-bedroom options available in this neighborhood. This is a great deal considering the average house price is just above $430,000 compared to the US median price of $376,286,

The median home price in this neighborhood is $630,000, while homes in the neighboring neighborhood of Bethany have a median price of $372,286. Another factor to consider is the average home price in this area. It is comparable to nearby neighborhoods. It is important that you know this area is near the bus line and has easy accessibility to public transport.

While home prices in Sommerset West – Elmonica North in Hillsboro are similar to those in neighboring neighborhoods, the quality of the area may vary. The northeast is where the most desirable areas are, while the southeast and east are more affordable. These neighborhoods have lower crime rates than other areas of the country, despite these differences.

The median home price in this neighborhood is $565,619, which is on par with the median home price in Bethany. The median house price in this neighborhood is approximately the same as that of other neighborhoods in the US, with the exception of a few exceptions. Hillsboro homes are generally affordable. In addition, many of the streets in this neighborhood have underground parking.

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