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Hillsboro, Oregon: Orenco Gardens Apartments


Orenco Gardens is a great option if you are looking for an apartment in Hillsboro, Oregon. This apartment complex features a contemporary living experience, quality built into each apartment, and a close proximity to Portland attractions. The Orenco Gardens community is also adjacent to the TriMet MAX 231/Orenco Light Rail Station. This allows you to easily reach downtown Portland and all it has to offer.

living in Orenco Gardens hillsboro oregon

Orenco Gardens is a community living space in Hillsboro, Oregon. Each unit is equipped with Opti-Flame fireplaces, cutting-edge appliances, high-speed Internet and a resource-conserving dryer and washer. Residents can choose from several distinct floor plans, each offering quality living and an excellent location. Orenco Gardens is a great choice for those looking for an apartment in Silicon Forest, a rural retreat or an urban home.

Located near Silicon Forest, Orenco Gardens offers a dazzling array of amenities. Each apartment includes cutting-edge appliances, high-speed internet access, and resource-conserving washer and dryer. Each apartment also features an Opti-Flame fireplace and a private balcony. Each apartment in Orenco Garden offers a beautiful layout and a variety floor plans.

Orenco Gardens is an apartment community that features quality living in the hillsboro area. The community is located close to Silicon Forest and Silicon Valley. Orenco Gardens offers a variety of floor plans for rent. Each unit comes with a wide range of modern amenities, including a fully-equipped kitchen with the latest appliances. Every unit has an Internet connection with high speed and an Opti-Flame fireplace.

Orenco Gardens is the perfect place to find a luxurious apartment. Located near Silicon Forest and other major employers, these apartments offer luxury living close to the city. Each one comes with high-speed internet and cutting-edge appliances. Some apartments have a washer and dryer that conserves resources. They also have a private balcony. Unlike most other apartments, they are completely equipped with the latest appliances.

If you are looking for a high-tech lifestyle, an apartment in Orenco Gardens is a good option. The neighborhood is home to many tech companies that are located in Hillsboro. Orenco Gardens also offers many amenities. High-speed Internet is available in all apartments. It is a great location. You will be near the Silicon Forest in no time at all. This is a place where you can live with your family, or work for a while.

The Orenco Gardens Apartments are located in Hillsboro, Oregon and offer luxury and convenience. You will be close to Silicon Forest, and the city’s top schools. Orenco Gardens is convenient for those who commute to downtown Portland. Many tech companies call the community home. The community is located near the TriMet MAX 231St/Orenco Light Rail Station.

Orenco Gardens is a wonderful place to live. If you are looking for an apartment in Hillsboro, Oregon, then you’ll have many choices. This area is close to Silicon Forest, home to many technology companies. You’ll love living in Orenco Gardens if you’re looking for a quality and environmentally conscious community. Orenco Gardens is the perfect place to find a modern apartment in a great area.

The Orenco Gardens Apartments are located in Hillsboro, Oregon, close to the Silicon Forest Silicon Valley. This community offers luxury amenities, cutting-edge appliances, high-speed Internet and a resource-conserving washer/dryer. Each apartment comes with a private balcony and a Opti-Flame fireplace. Residents enjoy a great living experience at Orenco Gardens.

The Orenco Gardens are located in the Hillsboro area, near the downtown district and several amenities. The apartments are close to restaurants, coffee shops, as well as Intel. They are also close to the airport, making them a great choice for families with children. They are also close to the Orenco Station, a local shopping center. The area also has many parks. Orenco is a great spot to work.

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