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Benefits of Living in Greenway, Beaverton Oregon

There are many benefits of living in Greenway, Beaverton, Oregon. There are many parks and playgrounds in the neighborhood. Beaverton School District also includes the community. Children attend Greenway Elementary, Conestoga Middle School, and Southridge High. In the summer, families can enjoy picnics and the park’s amenities. There are also a number of parks in the area, including Hall Blvd, Scholls Ferry, and YMCA.

living in Greenway Beaverton Oregon

Greenway, Beaverton residents have many dining options. Within a 10-minute drive, you’ll find large employers like Intel, Mentor Graphics, or Nike. Residents can find great stores in the smaller malls nearby, and they are a great place to grab a late-night snack for themselves or with their friends. Despite the proximity to Portland, residents can also enjoy eating in Greenway, Oregon.

A number of restaurants are available in Greenway, Beaverton. There are many places to grab a cup of coffee in the morning, or a snack in the afternoon. A few options include Subway, Marketplace Cafe, MOD Pizza, and 85degC Bakery. Those who live in the neighborhood often order tacos from Taco Time and burgers from Bailey’s Burger Shop.

If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood to call home, Greenway is the perfect choice. It’s 10 minutes from major employers, such as Nike, Intel, and Mentor Graphics, and the Washington Square Mall, and is convenient to great restaurants and shopping. It is growing quickly and offers many amenities including a public library and parks as well as shopping opportunities. It’s a great area to live and raise your family.

Greenway offers many dining options for those who enjoy eating out. You can grab a cup at Subway or enjoy brunch at MOD Pizza on weekends. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is a great option for a casual meal. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a variety of restaurants, Greenway is a great option.

Greenway, Beaverton is near many great places for food. It’s just 10 minutes away from major companies such as Nike, Mentor Graphics, and Intel. There are also several smaller but equally delicious malls within the vicinity. The lifestyle is a great option for those looking to move to Greenway, Oregon. It is a great place to live and offers many amenities. It is close to downtown Portland, and home to many small businesses.

This neighborhood has many advantages, whether you are looking for an apartment in Greenway or a house to buy. It is located in a prestigious area near many companies such as Nike and Mentor Graphics. It is also close to Washington Square Mall, which has many great restaurants and shops. The location of Greenway in Oregon is an excellent choice. This is a plus.

There are many options for eating out in Greenway, Oregon if you’re looking to buy a home. The city offers a variety of choices from Subway and Marketplace Cafe to a variety of popular fast-food restaurants. For foodies, the two largest malls in the area are Washington Square, Raleigh West, and Central. Among the most popular neighborhoods in this region, however, are the ones near the University of Portland.

Greenway, Beaverton has many grocery stores, as well as a variety of restaurants. It is within walking distance of a number of major employers, including the Nike headquarters and Mentor Graphics headquarters. People who live in this area can easily commute to work or get to work in the mornings, and enjoy the convenience of many other amenities. Residents have a variety of excellent dining options in Greenway, Oregon.

Aside from the quality of schools, another benefit of living in the area is the neighborhood’s history. The area’s settlers relied on the Fanno Creek for their daily needs, and this trail still holds its historical importance today. A 15-mile multi-use, paved trail runs along the river. Its connection to downtown is also important.

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