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Living in Neighbors Southwest, Beaverton


Neighbors Southwest has a lower cost of living than the national average. The average price in a city is about $102,487. The area’s cost of living is split into several categories, such as groceries and goods & services, transportation, health care, and utilities. In comparison to other areas, the cost of living in Neighbors Southwest, Beaverton, is about $6,690 lower than the national average.

living in Neighbors Southwest

The median home value is $427,181 and the median rent is $1,605 per month. This area is home to the majority of residents. The neighborhood is home to many coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and other businesses. Residents are close to major shopping centers and transportation. However, they can enjoy a more laid-back experience by eating at Hapa Grill. A trip to a local jazz club can be a great choice for a romantic evening.

Beaverton’s cost of living ranges between $2,200 and $5,500 per lună. However, living in Neighbors Southwest is 31% more expensive than the national average. There are 51 assisted living facilities in the area, with 42 of them in the Beaverton-Vose neighborhood. The area has many parks, coffee shops, as well as other amenities. Neighbors Southwest is a great place to call home if you are looking for a convenient area to live.

For dining, residents of Neighbors Southwest, Beaverton have plenty of choices. Cafe Murrayhill offers a hot cup of coffee every morning. You can also stop by Ava Roasteria, Hillside Pub, or Jamba Juice for a sweet treat. There are many dessert options, including Scotty’s. Hapa Grill is a great place to enjoy a full meal.

Neighbors Southwest has a 51 walk score, making it one of the most walkable neighborhoods of Beaverton. There are many coffee shops in the area, and residents can walk to school and work at the Ava Roasteria. Those looking for a more laid-back lifestyle will enjoy living in Neighbors Southwest. The median home in Neighbors Southwest is $427,181. The median rent is $1,605.

Beaverton residents can walk to shops, restaurants, and parks. With a median home value of $427,181, the average rent in Neighbors SW is $1,600. In addition, residents enjoy the convenience of a walkable neighborhood surrounded by parks. This is the place for families. You can also visit the Portland International Airport in less than 30 minutes. This Beaverton community has many great activities.

Beaverton residents can walk to many places, including some excellent coffee shops. There are also several restaurants in the area. For a delicious breakfast or lunch, residents of the Beaverton area can enjoy the morning cup of coffee at Cafe Murrayhill. If you need a late night snack, you can stop by the Hillside Pub and Jamba Juice. You can find everything you need in the area for dinner.

Neighbors Southwest residents will love the variety of dining options available. There are many places to enjoy the diverse offerings of the neighborhood, including the coffee shops and restaurants in the mornings as well as the ice cream shops and restaurants in the evenings. Whether you prefer to dine out or order in, there are numerous places to satisfy your cravings for food. It is easy to find many coffee shops in the area from the downtown.

Neighbors Southwest’s median home value is $427,181 and the median rent price $1,605. The majority of residents are homeowners in the neighborhood. Although it is a bit pricey, the area can be easily walked to and there are plenty of parks and coffee shops nearby. The area is also close to major transportation hubs. There are many amenities in the area. For those who are looking for a walkable community, the Beaverton-based neighborhood is an excellent choice.

Daycare centers are available for families with children. Parents can also find schools nearby, such as Champions at Cooper Mountain Elementary and Scholls Ferry R KinderCare. A nearby urgent care center is available for parents who need medical attention. While the cost of living in this neighborhood is affordable, it’s important to consider other factors when determining the best place to live in Beaverton.

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