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Oregon: Living in Five Oaks

You might consider moving to Five Oaks/Triple Creek, Beaverton if you are looking for a new home. This neighborhood is close to downtown and offers many amenities. While it doesn’t have as many parks and playgrounds as other areas of the city, it does have a few parks for residents to use. Dwight S. Parr Park and Commonwealth Lake Park are great recreational areas. In the warmer months, families can gather under a shade tree, or take a walk along the trail.

living in five oaks beaverton oregon

Whether you want a home close to downtown or the Nike campus, Five Oaks, Oregon offers something to suit everyone’s needs. The median home price in the neighborhood is $477,000, and homes spend an average of 39 days on the market. The community is close to many popular areas in Beaverton, such as the Northwest District, Sexton Mountain and Southeast Hillsboro. The average home size in Five Oaks is two-and-a-half people, with a family size of 3.09 members.

Five Oaks, Beaverton’s median household income is $512,000 and $41,570, respectively. This makes it a great place to live. Nearly ninety percent of residents in this community have completed high school and 18 percent have completed some college. 30% of those who have attended college have a bachelor’s degree and 20% have completed graduate school. There are many broadband internet service providers, including satellite, terrestrial fixed wifi, and fiber, that offer housing options.

The Five Oaks neighborhood is located south of Highway 26. It is located near the Tualatin Hills Nature Park. It is also bordered by Marlene Village South and Somerset West Elmonica South. The area is close to public transportation, grocery stores, and local parks. This is a great place to invest in the future. With so many amenities available, living in Five Oaks will prove to be a great choice for anyone.

Beaverton’s Five Oaks suburb is home to more than 21,000 residents. The neighborhoods are walkable and there is a wide variety of residential options. There are several schools in the area and there is a community for every age. This suburb offers many recreational opportunities. While the city itself is not particularly large, it is a popular place to live.

In Beaverton, five Oaks is a neighborhood with a population of 6,918. This neighborhood is home to approximately 27% of the area’s population. The median age of this area is 33. A number of nearby communities are walkable as well. The average family size in Five Oaks is 2.59, with an average of three. It is also close to the freeway. And there are plenty of places to go.

There are many dining options in Five Oaks/Triple Creek. Residents can enjoy breakfast at the nearby Insomnia Coffee Company, or indulge in a weekend brunch at Chick-fil-A or Biscuits Cafe. Many restaurants and dessert shops are available to satisfy sweet tooths. However, residents are also fond of ordering tacos and burgers at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews.

It is home to a diverse community with excellent public schools, parks and a healthy economy. Five Oaks’ average home price is $511,211. It is also close to other walkable neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a new home in Beaverton, it is worth exploring the area. If you’re considering moving to the area, look for a good school district.

The neighborhood is close to many amenities and the downtown. The median age of residents in this neighborhood is 33. Most families are single. The majority of residents in this area have a family and are single. This is a good neighborhood for families with children and young adults. There are lots of parks and recreational facilities available in the area, so you’ll never have to worry about having a car to get around.

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