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iFLY Indoor Skydiving Portland tigard oregon

iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Tigard, Oregon

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the air, iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Tigard, Oregon has the answer. This indoor skydiving facility is unique in that it simulates the experience of skydiving in a wind tunnel. It’s like riding in the air current of an enormous hairdryer. It’s so easy and safe, even if it’s something you haven’t done before.

Although Tim Hunckler was a paramedic and firefighter, his passion for skydiving was inexplicable. He started applying for jobs in Hawaii and Spain and found that he couldn’t get any of them. He was instead able to find a job as an instructor at iFLY Portland. Despite the fact that there are 38 facilities in the world, iFLY offers the best rates and the friendliest staff.

The flight was both challenging and enjoyable, and the staff was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The experience was made enjoyable by the staff at iFLY Portland. Despite being a first-timer, I was hooked and cannot wait to fly again! The city of Tigard issued me a certificate of occupancy on Nov. 21. The instructors remind first-timers to keep their arms and chin up to stay in the air. They will be kicked out of the tunnel if they break these rules. Solo, instructors can change the difficulty level and speed and will adjust the pace to the individual’s abilities.

iFLY Portland is located in Tigard, Oregon and is a 14-ft vertical wind tunnel. It is the second wind tunnel in the northwest, following iFLY Seattle and iFLY Houston. This Oregon facility opened its doors in November 2015. Those who would like to participate in the sport can purchase a jumpsuit and other gear to use during the flight. You can also get bulk discounts and special events at the facility.

If you have never tried iFLY before, it is time to try it. This incredible indoor skydiving facility can be found in tigard, Oregon. The flight was challenging, but the staff at iFLY are very knowledgeable and helpful. The experience was enjoyable and addictive thanks to the staff! The flight was challenging and the instructors were extremely professional. They made sure they were ready to teach beginners how to fly.

iFLY Portland, a state-of the-art indoor skydiving facility, is located in Portland. It is one of the two wind tunnels located in the northwest. This iFLY facility is similar to iFLY Houston and iFLY Chicago. Both locations are operated by a certified instructor. You will need a helmet, helmet, safety harness, earplugs, goggles, and goggles for skydiving.

Since 1998, iFLY has offered indoor skydiving sessions for more than seven million people. The new facility will be open for public on Nov. 21 and is located in the heart of Tigard, Oregon. iFLY’s instructors are trained to guide novices and experienced flyers alike. iFLY offers a fun, affordable and educational activity that will get you in the air.

iFLY Portland offers a 14-foot recirculating wind tunnel, which is suitable for people who are afraid of heights. The two wind tunnels are similar to iFLY Chicago and iFLY Houston, and are the second wind tunnels in the Northwest. They opened their doors in November 2015, and offer a special promotion to iFLY Portland clients. The company’s low-cost rate makes them a great value in the United States.

Indoor skydiving with iFLY tigard Oregon offers a great way for you to feel the thrill of skydiving but without the danger of falling to the ground. Unlike traditional skydiving iFLY has a state of the art vertical wind tunnel that allows you to feel the weightlessness of flying weightlessly. The flight is challenging but fun. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Before attempting to jump out of a plane, you need to know that you’re not flying into a plane. You will need to wear a flight suit, protective goggles, and a flight helmet. An experienced instructor will show you how to fly in the wind tunnel. If you are a beginner, you’ll need to consult an expert before you make the plunge. Otherwise, you’ll need a doctor’s note.

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