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Living in Reedville, Oregon

If you are interested in moving to the beautiful town of Reedville, Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. This master-planned community is a great place to live. The area offers 36 acres of open space for walking, running, and biking, and offers miles of trails for you to enjoy. You’ll also find that the school district is highly rated, and it has an excellent reputation among families.

living in reedville hillsboro oregon

Reedville is an unincorporated community in Washington County, Oregon, located between Hillsboro and Aloha. It is served by Hillsboro School District, though some parts are outside it. In Southhillsboro, there is a new subdivision, called Reed’s Crossing. It is located near Oregon Route 8 (Cornelius Pass Road). Residents can enjoy a shopping center and greenway park in the future.

The first phase of the project, named Reed’s Crossing, will feature a collection of single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. When it is complete, the town will house more than 20,000 people. This includes single-family homes as well as apartments and condos. There are also plenty of schools in the area. Those looking to move to this new community will love the schools and the convenient location.

The first phase of the development is expected to be completed within the next two- to three year. The Reed’s Crossing project is a master planned community that is 12 miles from downtown Portland. The community features a greenway that includes a Discovery Zone with interactive stations for exploring various topics related to the natural world. The Reed’s Crossing project can be found near Cornelius Pass Road, and the Oregon Route 8. It is expected that it will include a town center and a park.

The community known as Reed’s Crossing will be the first phase of this project. This community will feature 1,400 acres of land and include both single family homes and multi-family homes. Over 20,000 people will eventually call reedville home. Those looking for a new home in this area will find the community to be a great place to live. They will love coming back to this community because they are close to all the amenities.

Reedville is an unincorporated community in Hillsboro, Oregon that lies between the towns of Hillsboro and Aloha. The city of Hillboro is located in the town and serves as its local public schools. Near Cornelius Pass Road is Reed’s Crossing, a subdivision. This subdivision will include a town center, parks, and other amenities. If you are interested in living in a new neighborhood, living in Reedville is the right decision for you.

Washington County is home to Reedville. It is an unincorporated community located between Aloha and Hillsboro. Oregon Route 8 runs through the area, but parts of it are part the city. Reed’s Crossing, a new development in the city, is currently under construction. It is a master-planned community with 23 acres of greenway. It also includes plazas and paved trails. There is also a Discovery Zone for children. The project will also include libraries, museums, and golf course.

Reedville, a Washington County, Oregon unincorporated community, is located between Hillsboro, Aloha, and Washington County. Despite its name, it is a rural community that is home to many people. Hillsboro School District serves the town, although some areas are within the city’s borders. The town is home to several new neighborhoods, such as the upscale Reed’s Crossing, and is a masterplan community. A new subdivision is planned near Oregon Route 8/Cornelius Pass Road. It will include a recreational and retail center.

Reedville is a masterplan community located in Hillsboro, Oregon. It is located 12 miles from downtown Portland. Many new residential developments are located in the community. This area also offers excellent schools and easy access to many useful amenities. A new development in the town is called Reed’s Crossing. Reed’s Crossing is a new neighborhood that will include a large park as well as a town center.

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