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Orenco Woods Nature Park hillsboro oregon

Orenco Woods Nature Park in Hillsboro Oregon

The Orenco Woods Nature Park is a public park located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Previously, it was a nine-hole golf course owned by the Hillsboro Elks. The southern boundary of the park is formed by Cornelius Pass Road, and the northern boundary is marked by the tracks of the MAX Blue Line. It is a wonderful place to walk or play golf.

Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by a wide concrete trail. As you continue along the trail, you will find yourself on chip and gravel. The trail can get muddy in the rainy season but it’s well worth the effort. You will cross Rock Creek via a footbridge at the park’s bottom. Then, climb up the slope beneath the tall Douglas-firs. You’ll find an area with oak saplings at the top. The forest canopy bridge will allow you to see the park’s lush vegetation from above.

The Habitat Trail is a walking trail that is suitable for families and dog owners. The path begins as a wide concrete path and changes to chip and gravel when you reach the bottomland. This trail can flood in the wet season. Rock Creek can be crossed by a footbridge. The park also features a waterfall, bridge, and a stream. The Orenco Apple can be found in the middle.

The Habitat Trail is a loop of two miles that winds through the forest in the park. The trail is not dog-friendly but dogs are allowed. A short section of the path commemorates the Orenco apple, which was once widely planted in the city’s nurseries. The path continues on the other side of the Rock Creek, passing a small covered picnic area. The entire trail is paved, and surrounded by beautiful trees.

This 2.5-mile hike is suitable to families with children. A playground with stickwork sculptures is also available. There are several picnic areas and the park is dog-friendly. During the wet season, the lower trails are flooded. If you are walking with your dog, make sure to wear a sturdy hiking shoe. The trails are accessible for everyone. You can walk to and from the park’s nature center in the park by car, or by foot.

There are several hiking trails in the park. The Habitat Trail is a non-dog-friendly route. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful wildlife and can enjoy the park’s natural beauty. It’s a great place for the whole family and a great spot to take your children. You can bring your dog along if you are traveling with a dog. You can also visit the Orenco Apple, which is a landmark of the city.

The park offers the Habitat Trail. This is a no-dog-friendly trail. It starts off as a wide concrete trail and then transitions to chip and gravel when you reach the bottom land. When you reach the base of the park, the Habitat Trail crosses Rock Creek on a footbridge. Then, the path switches back up the slope under tall Douglas-fir trees. You can also cross the forest canopy bridge to view the Orenco Apple.

The park’s main attraction, however, is the green apple sculpture. This park was named after the first ever apple to be harvested within its grounds. While visiting, you’ll also enjoy the park’s wildlife. There are many species of birds and animals to be found here, including great-blue herons and beavers. Aside from the birds, you can also enjoy the natural surroundings of the Orenco Woods Nature and Recreational Trail.

This park is accessible to all ages and is ideal for people with disabilities. The habitat trail is a wide, paved path that starts as a narrow concrete trail and becomes a chip-and-gravel walkway at the bottomland. The trail also has some wetlands and is wheelchair accessible. The paths are easy to access because they are covered in compacted gravel. They are not too steep but not too rocky.

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