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Hillsboro Oregon – Jackson School Woods Nature Reserve


The Hillsboro School District maintains the Jackson Student Center and the nearby Jackson Street Nature Reserve. These parks are open every day from sunrise to sunset. The campus is also home to a covered picnic shelter and restrooms. The trails are mostly flat and quiet, and have restrooms. There are also accessible trails for wheelchairs that are flat and easily accessible for most people. Both parks have paved paths. The steeper trails are muddy in wet weather, so they are not recommended for families with young children.

The Park is located at the foot of the Mount Hood Mountain. Two swimming pools are located in the area: the Oregon Nursery Company and the Jackson School Woods Nature Reserve. The latter was the largest nursery on the west coast, and was best known for its Orenco apples. In the 1980s, the Metro bought this land and restored its habitat along Rock Creek. New bridges were built to welcome visitors. Its trails are marked with benches.

The Parks are home to two swimming pools. One of the pools is located at the Jackson School Woods HOA. There is a paved path that leads to the pool from the HOA. Two outdoor pools are also available by the HOA. These pools are accessible to residents of Jackson School Woods. In addition to the two swimming facilities, the Park has a secluded lake and hiking trails. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, natural setting, or a scenic walk, the Jackson School Woods HOA has it covered.

The Park contains 1.6 miles of trails and a creek. The creek runs along a restored walking path. A fenced-in bird sanctuary is also located in the park. The Nature Reserve is a popular spot for wildlife in the spring and summer. Residents love the park’s two swimming pools and fishing ponds. The Park is a popular spot for fly-fishing enthusiasts.

A 1.5 mile (3,500-step) hiking path is part of the Hillsboro City Parks. This area was created to serve both the residents of the community and the general public. There are restrooms, parking and picnic areas in the area. Ingress emails and in-person visits to the park are free. You can explore the park’s 1.6-miles of paved trails and enjoy the natural surroundings.

There are many trails through Jackson School Woods. The 1.5 mile path, which includes a paved path, is an easy walk. It is 3,500 steps with an elevation gain totaling 131.2 feet. Two swimming pools are also found in the Park. The neighborhood is great for relaxing and taking a walk. It’s also a great spot for picnickers.

The park’s 1.6 mile trail runs along Rock Creek. The Oregon Nursery Company owned and operated the grounds in the past. The ornate tree in the park was named Orenco. The Metro purchased the property and created a park to preserve the natural beauty of the region. With three parks and nature reserves, it’s easy to find something you love to do in Hillsboro.

The Park is home to two swimming pools, which are shared by the residents. The trails are maintained by the HOA. The Park is open year-round, so you can swim whenever you like. The community has two swimming pools, so the community is a great place for families. This is a great place to raise a family. This is a great option for a family vacation, with plenty of space for kids to run around.

Two hiking trails lead to the Nature Reserve. The second trail is the 1.6-mile Rock Creek Trail. Both trails are on the Oregon Nursery Company property. The company was one the largest west coast nurseries and was well-known for Orenco apples. The trail is now owned by the Metro, and the property has been restored to its natural state. There are also new bridges and improvements to make the park more accessible to the public.

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