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Hillsboro Oregon – The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

The Hillsboro community has been working on a project to preserve the 3000-acre Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve for more than 20 years. Jim Harp, former president of the Hillsboro Community Foundation, was a strong supporter of the effort. He understood the importance of protecting this precious natural resource. During his tenure, the foundation has raised more than $5 million for the project.

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve hillsboro oregon

The Preserve is a wonderful place to explore and experience. The preserve has hundreds of acres of protected wetlands. It offers easy-to-follow trails. The trails are mostly on a smooth, natural surface with a few stretches of bark chips and compacted gravel. A number of educational signs and exhibits are available, as well as informational material. The park’s main parking area is located near the Education Center.

The 650-acre Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a perfect spot for a family day out. The park is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. It has beautiful riparian forest along the Tualatin River, and a trail that winds through a reed canary grass meadow. It was established in 1995 and is the largest conservation project in Washington County.

The Hillsboro Community Foundation played an important role in the development of the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve in 2003. In 2002, the group created a nonprofit organization called the Friends of Jackson Bottom. The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve Board was born from a series of enhancement projects that the group conducted. Through the efforts of the Foundation, the Preserve became a model for similar conservation projects in other areas.

The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve forms an important part of Hillsboro’s community. Its 710-acre portion of the wetlands is dedicated to being an educational resource and wildlife sanctuary. There are four miles of trails in its southeast section. Trails connect the two areas. The trail system begins at the main parking lot, and ends at the education center. The park’s unique location and educational programs make it a wonderful destination.

The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a beautiful place to visit, and the surrounding wetlands are a valuable part of the area’s ecosystem. It is home to thousands of waterfowl, and is a great place to watch and study birds. The preserve is a natural place for people to visit, and has many types of wildlife, including migratory birds, shorebirds, and otters.

The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, Hillsboro, Oregon, has a wide range of habitats. The main area is made up of riparian forests, which run along the Tualatin River, and several forested wetlands. There are oak groves, and meadows dominated by reedcanary grass. The riparian forest zone is a popular place for bird watching.

The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a unique natural area that is open to the public and is a great place to get a close look at birds. The site covers 650 acres and is home to a riparian rainforest zone that runs along the Tualatin River. It is a great place to spot a Great Blue Heron in riparian forests.

The riparian forest zone stretches for a mile along the Tualatin River. The wetlands are covered with reed canary grass, which grows in clumps. In addition to riparian forest areas, the preserve also has ponds and marshy areas. As the area continues to expand, it will feature more accessible trails. The trail loop is a great option for birdwatchers.

The wetlands are open to the public year-round. The trails are open from sunrise to sunset. While you’re here, make sure you follow all rules regarding social distancing. It’s important to keep the wetlands clean and healthy. The wetlands are a great place to go bird watching. In winter, the rafts are a great place to spot shovelers.

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