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Living in West Beaverton Oregon

The benefits of living in West Beaverton Oregon are obvious. It is a great place for families to raise children. The city has some of the most prestigious schools in the state, and it offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. The city is full of entertainment options. It is generally pleasant with mild weather. There are many parks, trails, as well as public swimming pools. You can also find plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, including a popular grocery store and a local deli.

Living in West Beaverton Oregon

There are many places to eat in West Beaverton. There are many coffee shops in West Beaverton, including Starbucks, Dutch Bros. Coffee and Black Rock Coffee Bar. For dessert, Pasteleria La Espigo Dorada and Dairy Queen are the places to go. Don Chillitos Mexican Restaurant and McMenamins Murray & Allen serve great food. These restaurants are a great choice for families or couples looking for a new place to live.

There are many parks in West Beaverton. These parks make great recreational areas for children and families. There are also trails in the area for weekend fun. You can take a stroll or run on the nearby bike paths. The area offers many outdoor activities, and there are many opportunities for hiking and biking. It’s a great place to raise a family.

There are many options available for West Beaverton residents who want to eat out. You can stop at Dutch Bros. Coffee, Starbucks, or Black Rock Coffee Bar to get a cup of caffeine. Dairy Queen or Pasteleria La Espigo Dorada are good options for dessert. For more than a dozen different places, the West Beaverton community has something for everyone.

There are many options for dining in West Beaverton. The city’s coffee shops are popular, as is its Thai Bloom. Residents of West Beaverton love to dine at Don Chillitos Mexican Restaurant, McMenamins Murray & Allen, and Starbucks. You can also enjoy quieter meals in the area by visiting nearby parks. There are many cultural treasures to be found in West-Beaverton. It’s easy to find a home for your family.

If you’re looking for a place to buy a house, you’ll have plenty of choices for coffee shops. There are Dutch Bros. Coffee, Starbucks, and Black Rock Coffee Bar. You can even find a dessert place in West-Beaverton, such as Pasteleria La Espigo Dorada. Whether you’re a big or small town person, you’ll find a variety of delicious places to eat.

If you’re moving to West Beaverton, be sure to look around the city’s neighborhoods. Vose is a great location with many parks, and a local elementary. Denney Whitford is another great neighborhood with convenient access to the Washington Square shopping mall. Both are attractive and the prices are well below average. While housing is less expensive than in other areas of the Portland metro, transportation is more costly.

West Beaverton is an ideal location for families. Its diverse neighborhoods include the Vose neighborhood, which is near the city center and offers a community park and a single elementary school. Denney Whitford is a popular neighborhood with a great golf course. Apartments are also available in the Denney Whitford neighborhood. Although transportation and housing prices are higher than the average, the quality of life is worth the price.

There are many places to eat in West Beaverton. There are many coffee shops in West Beaverton, including Dutch Bros. Coffee and Starbucks. Every Day Is a Donut Day also offers desserts. The Pasteleria La Espigo Dorada is another popular dessert spot in the area. Don Chillitos Mexican restaurant is a popular choice for locals, but McMenamins Murray & Allen burgers are also great choices.

Rents in this area are affordable, despite the neighborhood’s small size. The median home in West Beaverton is $375,000 with many homes in the upper- to mid-$600,000. The west side of the city is growing rapidly, with a new high school opening in the fall 2017. There is also light rail in the area, which is convenient for commuters and offers easy access to the city.

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