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Uptown Beer Co., Beaverton, Oregon


Uptown Beer Co. has over 80 draft beers and is the largest to-go craft beer selection in Nashville. Binary is the team’s own lager and they sell growler fills. You can also order beer online. There’s also a growing online presence, and you can even order on-the-go. Be sure to verify their hours and beer selections before you go.

Uptown Beer Co

Uptown Beer Co. is currently operating Binary Brewing, which serves the entire westside region of the metro area. The brewery has been in operation since 2011, and now delivers to Lake Oswego as well as Hillsboro. Uptown Beer Co.’s new location is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a traditional neighborhood pub with a unique atmosphere. Uptown Market will continue to sell the brewery’s beers. The brewery will also have a new taproom and large outdoor patio.

Binary has opened in downtown Beaverton, where it shares space with Uptown Beer Co. Previously known as Uptown Market, Binary has been selling its own brews. Binary will soon be moving to a 100-year old building in downtown Beaverton. Uptown Beer Co. currently has a location near Garden Home. The new location will include a beer tasting room, large patio, pinball hall, multiple lounge areas, and a restaurant.

Uptown Beer Co. is located in the former Uptown Market. It operates Binary Brewing which serves the westside area and PDX. This is a brewery and bottle shop in one. The brewery has been operating since 2011, and it will deliver to nearby towns, such as Lake Oswego and Hillsboro. The company plans to have more news in March. The company anticipates a new location in downtown Beaverton by the end of the year.

The Uptown Beer Co. also operates a new branch of Binary Brewing. The brewery is located in an old Uptown Market building. It will serve PDX and the westside region. Both are brewery-in a-bottle shops. It is easy to pick up or deliver. The bar’s menu includes a wide variety of beers, which is a nice way to meet your friends.

The Uptown Beer Co. operates three locations: a brewery, a taproom and a restaurant. Their taproom offers a large selection of local Northwest brews and specialty imported brews. Uptown Beer Co. also has a bottle shop that sells craft beer. If you’re interested in learning more about craft beers, you can visit their Facebook Page and view the Twitter feeds of the owners.

Uptown Beer Co. has a variety of beer. Besides brewing, the store also features a craft beer bottle shop. The store stocks a wide selection of craft beers from local breweries and imports. It also stocks a wide range of specialty brews from all over the globe. The Uptown brewery also sells its own craft beer, but its staff also offers a wide range of regional beers.

The brewery is known for its beer selection. Currently, the company offers craft beer in six-ounce cans. Each can contains five different beers. Customers will guess which beer is the sixth. The winner of the mystery pack receives an Uptown T-shirt and bragging rights. Uptown Beer Co. offers a wide range of beers and a well-known taproom in the Portland region.

The brewery’s latest venture is a Mystery Beer Pack. Each mystery pack contains six 8oz cans. Each can is sealed with a label identifying five of the six beers. The Uptown T-shirt will be awarded to the winner and bragging rights. Uptown Beer Co. will host a variety of beer-related events throughout the year in its taproom. They will also be offering specials at the bar.

Binary Brewing Co. offers fresh, crowlered draft beers from around the globe. You can also order a homebrew or keg at the bar. The Binary Brewing Company also offers a corny service for customers who have a kegerator. There is a dedicated area for those who have a home-kegerator. The brewery is committed to providing a positive beer drinking experience for its customers. Looking for more interesting things to do, please visit Barsotti Park

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