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Living in South Cooper Mountain Oregon


There are many reasons to love living in South Cooper Mountain. With its beautiful views, diverse population and proximity to downtown, this neighborhood is a perfect place to raise a family or retire. The community is also known for its affordability and convenience. The community’s planned land use, landscape, infrastructure, and resource protection plan was completed in three years. The area is currently undergoing major land development and housing construction, with more construction on the way.

living in South Cooper Mountain

The area is bordered by Southwest 175th Avenue and Scholls Ferry Road, and is part of Beaverton. Although not annexed yet, it is the ideal location for families who want a peaceful, beautiful place to live. There are also plenty of recreational activities in the neighborhood. Despite being rural, the community is easily accessible from Portland. While the community is undergoing major changes, residents can expect to see some of the benefits of the South Cooper Mountain area in the future.

Residents can enjoy a peaceful and scenic setting without ever compromising their lifestyle. Located near the Southwest 175th Avenue and Scholls Ferry Road, this neighborhood has a growing number of amenities. There are several schools in the area, including Beaverton South High School. However, the community is far from complete and has a number of unfinished streets. The main street of South Cooper Mountain is Southwest Roy Rogers Road.

People who want to live in the community with a low population density, affordable housing, and a friendly neighborhood are encouraged to purchase a South Cooper Mountain home. The community has 3 schools and 4 parks, and it is home to a range of housing types. The neighborhood has a neighborhood center and many parks. The market trends in South Cooper Mountain are promising. The average sales price is up from $465,200 six months ago to $565,200. This means that buyers should be ready to pay full price for their homes.

The South Cooper Mountain area could soon be built in 2023 or 2024. While there are many plans for growth in the city, the area is already populated with families. There are several new developments planned for the neighborhood. A lot of families are already living in the Arbor Home’s South Cooper Heights. There are many housing options available if you’re looking to live in this area. There are several amenities within the neighborhood that make living in South Cannon Hill a desirable choice.

South Cooper Mountain has 164 affordable housing units. Another 30,000 square feet of commercial space is planned for the area. This space could be used for a daycare, cafe, or office. A public park is planned for some of the commercial properties within the community. There are also four new neighborhoods planned for the area. The area is growing rapidly. To determine the best course for the community, a community plan is necessary.

Cooper City has a Concept Plan, which covers the entire South Cooper Mountain region. Currently, the city has just five44 acres of the 2,300-acre mountain. During this process, the city has mapped out a plan to purchase the rest of the mountain. This concept plan was a visioning exercise and feasibility study that identified areas in the neighborhood with significant potential for commercial development. A public park is one of the biggest benefits of living in South Cooper Mtn.

The area is home to several single-family homes. Two affordable apartment buildings are also available in the area. Both projects are located in the same community. Several of the new buildings can be found in Beaverton. The Eastside and Westside will be the places where the new apartments will be sold. The condos in the neighborhood will be available soon. These communities are a great option for families looking to grow in the metropolitan Portland area.

If you’re looking to live in a new home in Beaverton, you should check out the Heights at South Cooper Mountain. There are six different floor plans, each with a different number of bedrooms. These homes start at the mid-$500,000s. You can choose from an open-concept layout or a luxurious master suite. All of the included programs are available. It is convenient for commuters.

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