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Living in Sexton Mountain, Beaverton, OR

Sexton Mountain is located west of Murray Blvd and South of Hart Rd. It’s a great place to find a new home. Sexton Mountain isn’t well-planned, which means that there are more affordable homes available than the more expensive. The average home is approximately 2200 sq. ft. and has 2.5 baths and three- to four bedrooms. The neighborhood is made up of a mix of older and younger families.

living in Sexton Mountain beaverton oregon

A neighborhood association is formed in the Sexton Mountain neighborhood. They meet every third Tuesday of each month. They work with the Sexton Elementary Parent Teacher Committee in planning and implementing events in the neighborhood, such as a 5K run or a garage sale. They also carry out community duties, such as installing bike racks at the elementary school, encouraging more children to walk to school and promoting more bicycling.

The neighborhood offers many benefits to homebuyers, including great schools, affordable homes, and entertainment. Nearly 84% of residents are homeowners, making it a great place for families. You will also love the variety and number of shops and parks in the area. You can’t beat the dog-walking possibilities, with lots of green space and beautiful views of the city.

Residents of Sexton Mountain, Beaverton are friendly and active. The neighborhood association meets every other month on the third Tuesday at 7 PM. It is a great resource for neighborhood-related activities. The group also works with the parent teacher committee at Sexton Mount Elementary School. The neighborhood association organizes 5K runs and garage sales each year and assists with community duties. They also offer a program that encourages children to ride bikes to school.

Sexton Mountain is a great neighborhood for biking and walking in Beaverton, OR. Its population is just under 14,000, and the neighborhood is home to several popular neighborhoods. There are shops, parks, and lots of local events, and 84% of residents own their homes. It is a great place to entertain friends and have fun.

About 14,000 residents call the neighborhood home. It is a great neighborhood for families with young kids because of its location. The neighborhood offers many shopping and amenities. Sexton Mountain is a wonderful place to live. It’s also a popular spot for dogs. Many people who live in Sexton Mountain have children. It is a wonderful place to raise children and has a strong sense community.

Buying a home in Sexton Mountain is a good choice for those looking for affordable housing. It has a high median listing price of $625,000, making it one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Beaverton. Its diverse population is home to over 14,000 residents and is full of amenities. It is a great neighborhood for families and is well-suited for dog walkers as it has shops, restaurants, and a large green space.

Despite the city’s size, Sexton Mountain is an excellent neighborhood for families. You can live in the neighborhood while still enjoying the city’s amenities, thanks to a neighborhood association that meets every Tuesday. Sexton Mountain’s vibrant economy makes it a great place for families. Many businesses are also located in the diverse neighborhood. The average income of residents is $625,000.

Sexton Mountain is a great option for those looking for affordable housing in Beaverton. The median listing price is $625,000. This neighborhood is known for its diversity, and it offers many neighborhoods. This area is ideal for families with a variety of ages and lifestyles. There are many public schools, shops and parks. The area also offers entertainment. With a median price of $370,000, the area is a good choice for families.

There are many parks in the neighborhood, both public and private. Sexton Mountain has seven parks. These include the Aspen Crest Park, Morrison Woods and Beacon Hill parks. The area also includes the 6-acre Sexton Mountain Park at SW Murray Blvd. The park has paved walking trails and sports fields. The Hyland Woods and Lowami Hart Woods natural areas offer a wide variety of activities.

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