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Hyland Forest Park in Beaverton, Oregon

The 30 acre Hyland Forest Park is a family-friendly destination for outdoor activities. This natural woodland is home to mature Douglas Firs, play areas, trails, and other outdoor activities. This park is a great place to observe birds and learn about the area’s history. Children will enjoy the trails and the playground. Families with older children can enjoy bird watching in wetlands. This park is a popular family outing.

Hyland Forest Park

The Hyland Forest Park is an excellent destination for hiking and biking enthusiasts. There are many trails within the park, including a short loop suitable for families with all levels of skill. The natural area is surrounded by dense trees and there’s also a pond in its northwest corner. There’s also a two-acre nature play area along the southeastern boundary of the park. Two miles of trails with soft surfaces run through the woods. The park’s trail system was improved in phases.

The loop trail in Hyland Forest Park is a great place for children to run and play. There are several playgrounds in the park, including a log tower or a bounce house. The loop trail is a great place for little ones to walk, especially if they need to run. The loop map can be downloaded for offline use. It’s also a nice spot for families to take their dogs.

Hyland Forest Park has a large off-trail play space for families with children. Although originally intended for two-legged children, this area is now open to all family members. However, dogs must be on a leash while in the park. The Natural Play Area features trails where children can climb logs and sticks, play with sticks, and go treasure hunting. There are blue posts indicating the boundaries of the Natural Play Area.

The Hyland Forest Park Loop trail is a great place to walk with kids of all abilities. Two loops are available on the park’s 30-acre property that are suitable for different levels of fitness. The Hyland Forest Woods Loop trail makes it easy to get your children outside and in touch with nature. If you’re looking for a quiet place to get away from the world for a while, Hyland Forest Park is a great choice.

The Hyland Recreation Area offers picnic areas in natural settings. The park is 29 acres, with 10 acres reserved for reservation. The creative play area is a unique feature of the park, and includes a climbing structure and a slide. The award-winning creative playground is also a great place for runners. The Hyland Recreation Area is open from mid-April to mid-October. Those who are visiting should know that it is only open to residents.

There are many ways you can enjoy Hyland Forest Park. Sexton Mountain Drive is the trailhead. After passing a madrone on your left, look for an open space. You can then take the Hyland Woods trail to a scenic area. The Hyland trail will have you enjoying the park’s trails for hours. It is also close to other recreational destinations, such as downtown Beaverton.

Before entering the park, visitors must make sure they have purchased an annual pass. The park is open to the public one month prior. For those who want to come for the weekend, they can purchase an annual pass online. They can then begin exploring the park. The Hyland Woods Trailhead is located at the T-junction of Sexton Mountain Drive. The trailhead is located on the left after crossing Murray Boulevard. This is the best place to start your hike.

The parking lot at Sexton Mountain Drive allows you to access the Hyland woods trailhead. The trailhead can be seen by crossing the street. The trailhead can be found at the end Sexton Mountain Drive. The park will be on your right once you have crossed Murray Boulevard. The Hyland Woods Recreation Area is accessible year-round. There is also a small community with picnic tables. There are benches throughout the natural area.

A 30 acre natural area, Hyland Woods is an ideal location for hiking. This park is located on the quiet south side of Beaverton. The trails are mostly smooth and easy to follow. The largest loop at the park is 1400 meters long and changes to accommodate all abilities. It is not recommended for beginners. There are many opportunities to enjoy the scenic landscape and enjoy the wildlife. It’s a great place to enjoy a walk with a family. For more interesting things to do, please visit Jenkins Estate

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