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The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail, Oregon


The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail links Metro Portland and Durham, NC via 5 cities and 2 Counties. This multi-use trail is compliant with ADA accessibility standards. The paved surface may sometimes have cracks. Whether you’re on a bike or a wheelchair, the trail is a great option for your commute or recreational trip. You should plan to dedicate a full day to the trail to get the most enjoyment.

Fanno Creek Greenway Trail

The trail starts at the Park on SW Denney Rd. The trail continues through Tigard, Beaverton, and beyond. While you’re there, take time to visit the 19th century Fanno Creek Farmhouse, the home of onion farmer Augustus Fanno. The house is next to the Greenway Park, off Hall Boulevard. You can visit Flat Stella, a local dog, who was visiting from Minnesota. This area is beautiful and you will enjoy it.

The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail spans fifteen miles and runs through five cities. It starts at SW Hall Blvd in Tigard and ends at SW Portland’s Willamette River. It’s an excellent choice for a leisurely stroll or a jog. It’s a great place to have a picnic or take a walk. You can park in the Park’s small parking lot and then continue on the trail via SW Fanno St. or SW Bel Aire Dr.

From the Park, continue your journey by following the trail north through the Englewood Park in Tigard. The stream is shaded with ash and alder trees and the park has a log irrigator on the creek. Blackberries are abundant in the area, so plan a trip there during late summer. You’ll also find ripe blackberries along the path, which is a good time to pick them!

The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail is a 15-mile tributary of the Tualatin River. The watershed of the Fanno Creek is 32 square miles or 83 km2, and it flows through the cities of Tigard and Beaverton. It extends to Willamette Park in Portland and the suburb of West Linn. The trail’s first section is 1.5 miles long and offers beautiful views.

The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail is an out-and-back paved trail with a natural ash swale. The trail skirts the edge of a former motel property and a business park. The trail crosses the river and passes through wetlands. The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail is the perfect place for a picnic or an afternoon stroll with family and friends. The greenway is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.

The trail begins at Woodard City Park and extends to Portland. It runs through Tigard and Beaverton, as well as unincorporated Washington County. Initially, the trail was envisioned as a 15-mile walking and biking route that would link Portland to Beaverton. It is now being developed in segments, allowing you to get a feel for the length of the trail. You can use it all or part of it, but you should bring plenty of water along with a pair of shoes.

The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail is an excellent destination for recreation. The trail is largely flat and offers a pleasant ride for young bike riders. There are many parking areas near the trail. Several other parks are located in the area. The main section of the Fanno Creek Greenway Trail is located at the 8405 SW Creekside Corporate Center. Once you are there, you can explore both the farmstead’s pond overlook and the farmstead.

The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail connects three cities and provides prime nature walks and cycling opportunities. The 18.6-mile trail offers many access points. The most popular entry point is Main Street in downtown Tigard. You can hire a bicycle and have it delivered right to your home. A great place to stop is the 86th Avenue Pump Station complex. The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

The Fanno Creek Greenway Trail, located in Tigard is a great trail for beginners. It has an easy-to-use boardwalk and is 7.5 miles long. The trail begins at the Garden Home Recreation Center, and ends at Fanno Creek Park. The trail has some confusing turns, but is mostly safe and well-maintained. It can also be accessed by wheelchair. It is a great route for families. The trail is a great place to spend time with friends and family. For more interesting things to do, visit  Hyland Forest Park

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