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Eichler Park in Beaverton, Oregon


The Tualatin city has 2.63 acres of Eichler Park. It was first opened in 1983 and is home to the Eichler Skate Park. The property was purchased by Tualatin parks & recreation in 1992 under a Consent Judgment Public Private Partnership (PPA) with the state Department of Environmental Quality. The park now has a new name, new features, and includes biking and skateboarding. The bike track is also the center point for the neighborhood’s bicycle path.

Eichler Park

In September 2011, the Beaverton area’s first dirt jump and BMX course opened in Eichler Park. This park was developed in partnership with Northwest Trail Alliance and the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. It’s the only BMX course in the entire Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. The park features a skateboard ramp, pump track, and community garden. Eichler is a park located near Beaverton. It has something for everyone.

The park’s bike track will be undergoing a revamp. The bike track will be wider and feature more space between riders, creating a more inclusive environment for all skill levels. Picnic tables, split rail fencing, as well as other improvements will be included to the bike track. A centralized main entrance will make it easier to access the park for bikers. The Park District will make it easier to access by making it central.

Bob Rummer donated the land in 2010 for the bike track. After the park opened, the city of Beaverton named it Eichler Park. However, the park was not named after him. The city could not decide which option was better for the community. Thankfully, Eichler Park has been remodeled and now boasts a small pump track and three jump lines. A new playground has also been added, and a community garden space has been created.

Eichler Park is home to the Northwest Trail Alliance’s first BMX and dirt jump course, which opened in September 2011. The park is located just 2 blocks from Bob Rummer’s famous modern homes. The park is equipped with a bike track for 20-inch and 26-inch wheels. There is also a play area for kids. The park’s playgrounds will be maintained by the NWTA in addition to the new bike track.

The Eichler Park pump track is unique among the parks in the THPRD. It is located on the west end of the park. The pump track was completed in 2011, and the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District has recently partnered with the Northwest Trails Alliance to expand it. The bike track features a simulated mountain biking track with a pump track. The area was originally built for bikers in 2011 and updated in 2014 with the help of dedicated volunteers.

Eichler Park features a bike park, which is a departure from other THPRD parks. The bike park was originally built in 2011 and updated by volunteers and the Northwest Trail Alliance in 2014. The park’s pump track has an off-road course and a track for more experienced riders. This park is the only one in the Portland metropolitan area that has a bike track. It is a great place to cycle or ride a bike.

The unique feature of Eichler Park’s bike park is one of the THPRD parks. It was built in 2011, and updated in 2014 with the help and dedication of the Northwest Trail Alliance. The bike park features a pump track as well as off-road biking trails. Those looking for the perfect spot to ride a bike will love Eichler Park’s amenities. If you’re a biker, make sure to try it out.

Eichler is one of the THPRD parks that has a bike park. This bike park is located at the park’s west end and was built in 2011. The current version of the bike course was completed in 2011, and it was updated in 2014. During this time, the THPRD has worked with Northwest Trail Alliance to create a bike park at the east end of the park. A bicycle park is not just for recreational bikers, it is a great way to get exercise while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the area. For more interesting things to do visit Evelyn M. Schiffler Memorial Park

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